Building and supporting talent

Our ability to hire and retain top talent is a driving force behind our culture. We are focused on creating a supportive and values-based organization where our employees can thrive.

Elevating our people’s health, well-being and growth

Investing in our workplace culture

We continue to invest in our workplace culture and support our employees across many facets of wellness and personal development.

Employee wellness

We have developed initiatives to support employee well-being, as well as to encourage people to give their time and resources to causes that they value.

Coaching and training

We offer an array of professional development training throughout the year, including our intensive six-month leadership program and an advanced negotiation course.

Engaging with employees

We have an open-door culture that encourages our people to speak freely and share their views. We conduct regular townhall meetings to gather feedback and recognize individual, team and overall achievements.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Committed to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)

We are committed to practices that promote diversity, equity and inclusion and strive to create an environment in which employees feel empowered to bring their full and authentic selves to work.

DEI taskforce
Our DEI taskforce consists of a cross-section of employees who help share our DEI efforts internally and offer suggestions and recommendations for how best to embed DEI into all aspects of our culture.

Diversity has been at the forefront of Royalty Pharma’s initiatives and our aim is to cultivate an environment that fosters collaboration and provides opportunities to learn and grow both professionally and personally.

Alessandra Sassun
Head of Human Capital

Our culture

Our culture thrives on collaboration, curiosity, critical thinking and a willingness to defy convention if it means a better outcome.

We break down silos, nurture nimble and high-performing teams, and build partnerships that create the right environment for our people talent to grow.

Working at Royalty Pharma

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