Corporate governance

We maintain robust governance policies and practices that adhere to high standards of regulatory compliance, ethics, transparency and integrity.

Royalty Pharma believes in corporate governance excellence and maintaining the highest standards of integrity and trust. This is recognized in our market-leading position and the high esteem with which we are held in the biopharmaceutical industry. We conduct thorough due diligence and monitoring with all our investment positions. Pharmaceutical companies, academic and non-profit institutions with which we work typically have well-developed and transparent governance policies which seek to benefit wider society through sustainable and ethical business practices.

We have a robust set of IT/cybersecurity policies and compliance framework, which includes, among others, policies related to EEO, anti-bribery, a whistleblower hotline, FCPA, insider trading, anti-fraud and document retention. We consider social responsibility to be a key corporate governance category. Royalty Pharma is committed to re-examining its corporate governance policies on an ongoing basis, ensuring the independence of the Board so that issues and risks are appropriately addressed, and maintaining the Board’s effectiveness in light of company- and industry-specific circumstances.

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