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Since our founding in 1996, we have been pioneers in the royalty market, collaborating with innovators from academic institutions and non-profits through small and mid-cap biotechnology companies to leading global pharmaceutical companies.


At the cutting edge of innovation

Helping biotechs reach their potential
We provide capital in exchange for existing or new synthetic royalties on approved products or development-stage therapies, while allowing our partners to retain operational control. We can provide financing at a scale that allows companies to accelerate development programs. Our capital can also provide valuable external validation for emerging companies.

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Global pharmaceuticals

Supporting global leaders

R&D funding support
We provide capital to fund the development of specific products and/or indications. Our capital often facilitates development activities that would not otherwise have taken place due to research budget constraints. Additionally, we enable our partners to monetize non-strategic passive royalties, freeing up capital for core business reinvestment.


Academic institutions & non-profits

Monetize your innovations

Fund future growth
We provide monetization of significant royalty assets, which can facilitate the diversification of the endowments or asset portfolios of these institutions and/or provide funds for the support of ongoing scientific research or major capital projects.

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