Why partner with Royalty Pharma

When we choose to invest, it is with conviction and commitment. We have a long history of supporting our partners’ innovation – both directly and indirectly.

Our partnerships

We provide customized support without interference

Our tailored funding solutions foster true partnerships. People enjoy working with us – which is why so many of our partners engage in multiple transactions with us.

Operational freedom
We conduct our due diligence upfront and provide full operational freedom to do what you do best – without interference.

Win-win partnerships
Our process is efficient and straightforward. We build lasting relationships through creative, win-win funding solutions.

Flexible capital solutions
We approach every deal with a blank sheet of paper, structuring it around your needs.

Market insights
As the world’s largest buyer of biopharmaceutical royalties, our data and insights help you to understand your market better than ever before.

Approved and development-stage therapies
Blockbuster products (>$1bn in annual sales)
Announced transactions since founding

We’ve had an increase in valuation…every single year since our IPO, and that’s really thanks to Royalty Pharma helping to fund the company. I have to say I think it was the most important decision we made as a company. I don’t think there is any other company that would have been as innovative as Royalty Pharma and creative with us along the way. It is really thanks to Royalty Pharma that we’ve had the success we have today.

Dr. Vlad Coric,
CEO of Biohaven


With this funding, we continue to reduce our cost of capital and provide added flexibility to support our global commercial capabilities.

Jan Mikkelsen,
President and CEO of Ascendis Pharma


This transaction provides us with significant capital to reach our strategic objectives. It also enables us to further advance our deep and innovative pipeline so that we can continue to deliver a steady cadence of new genetic medicines to the market.

Brett P. Monia, Ph.D.,
CEO of Ionis


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