Press Releases

Press Releases

Nektar Therapeutics Announces Agreement to Sell CIMZIA® and MIRCERA® Royalties to Royalty Pharma for $124 Million

San Francisco, CA (US) – February 29, 2012  — Nektar Therapeutics (Nasdaq: NKTR) today announced that it agreed to sell to Royalty Pharma its royalties on future sales of CIMZIA®, under Nektar’s agreement with UCB Pharma, and MIRCERA®, under Nektar’s agreement with Roche.

Royalty Pharma Acquires Cimzia® and Mircera® Royalties for $124 Million

New York, NY (US) – February 29, 2012  — Royalty Pharma announced today that it has acquired certain rights to receive royalties on future worldwide net sales of Cimzia® and Mircera® for an aggregate cash payment of $124 million. Cimzia, marketed by UCB and launched in the United States and the

Royalty Pharma Raises $3.6 Billion to Refinance $2.75 Billion of Outstanding Debt and to Fund an $850 Million Cash Distribution to Shareholders

New York, NY (US) – September 7, 2011  – Royalty Pharma, the industry leader in acquiring royalty interests in marketed and late stage biopharmaceutical products, announced that it has successfully refinanced $2.75 billion of outstanding debt and funded a one-time $850 million cash distribution to

Arisaph Pharmaceuticals and Royalty Pharma Announce Monetization and Amendment of DPP-IV License Agreement

Boston, MA (US) – August 11, 2011  -– Arisaph Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“Arisaph”) and Royalty Pharma announced today the closing of a transaction valued up to $26.25 million. Under the terms of the amendment, Royalty Pharma has paid Arisaph $17 million in cash and has agreed to pay Arisaph future

Astellas’ Prosidion Subsidiary Sells Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV (DPP-IV) Patent Estate and Associated Royalty Interest to Royalty Pharma for $609 Million

Tokyo, Japan – June 30, 2011  — Astellas Pharma Inc. (Tokyo: 4503, “Astellas”) announced today that Prosidion‟s patent estate and associated royalty stream relating to the use of dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) inhibitors for the treatment of type 2 diabetes has been sold to Royalty Pharma for a

Royalty Pharma Acquires Lexiscan® and Cubicin® Royalties for $487 Million

New York, NY (US) – April 4, 2011  — Royalty Pharma announced today that it has acquired the rights to certain royalties payable on sales of Lexiscan® and Cubicin® from an undisclosed seller for a cash payment of $487 million. Lexiscan® (regadenoson) is a market-leading pharmacologic stress agent
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