Oodaye Shukla

Vice President, Strategy and Analytics

Oodaye joined Royalty Pharma in 2021. He started his career at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, building optical and digital computers and developing neural network models to objectively assess cataract severity. He worked in the telecom industry at Lucent Technologies and at Siemens Telecom, working on semiconductor lasers and receivers, 1.6 TB/s optical long-haul systems, while managing a $100+ million product portfolio and an electronics/optoelectronics supply chain infrastructure. Oodaye joined Lockheed Martin in 2004, managing the development of large-scale satellite communications simulation models for several satellite systems. It was here where he led the first efforts to find undiagnosed rare disease patients through the application of machine learning algorithms to healthcare databases. The successful deployment of this machine learning-based rare disease platform led to the formation of HVH Precision Analytics. After three years, 150+ AI disease models, and 90+ clients, HVH was acquired by Eversana in July 2020 where, Oodaye was the Chief Analytics Officer across its five business units.

Oodaye earned a BSEE from Pennsylvania State University, an MSEE (Neural Networks) from the University of Maryland, an MSEE (Optical Signal Processing) from The Johns Hopkins University, and an MS in Technology Management from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.