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We operate at the intersection of science, medicine and investing

We are the world’s largest buyer of biopharmaceutical royalties and a leading funder of innovation in life sciences.

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We are the leading partner funding innovation in life sciences with more than 60% global market share. Our unique capabilities to provide tailored funding solutions and customize win-win partnerships have positioned us as the partner of choice in the biopharma ecosystem.


A unique way to invest in biopharma

Royalty Pharma’s unique business model provides exposure to the best attributes of biopharma without many of the common industry challenges.

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Creating value for stakeholders

We create value for our stakeholders by funding innovation across the life sciences ecosystem. Our policies and practices are designed to minimize our ESG risk and uphold our commitments to our stakeholders and partners.

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Latest developments

Royalty Pharma Announces Dividend Increase

NEW YORK, NY, January 19, 2024 – Royalty Pharma plc (Nasdaq: RPRX) today announced that its board of directors has declared a dividend for the first quarter of 2024 of $0.21 per Class A share, reflecting a 5% increase in the company’s quarterly dividend over the previous quarter’s dividend.

Accelerating Bio-Innovation

At the leading edge of life sciences

Held in partnership with the University of Cambridge and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 2019, the Accelerating Bio-Innovation Conference is an interdisciplinary summit that brings to light the triumphs and hurdles in drug discovery and development. The event brings together thought leaders from the bio-innovation sphere to engage in crucial debates and discussions confronting pioneers in the world of new biopharmaceuticals, bridging the realms of science, investing and innovative therapeutics.

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